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Authors Note (basis on the queries we receive)

The DVDs I am selling on this site are for learning Adobe Photoshop software.
This is a professional software for Designers, Printers and Photographers. And you should buy these tutorials only if you want to learn Adobe Photoshop, of course like a Professional.

This is not an education kit that will make you a designer overnight– many people want to leave their current occupation and want to become Photographer or want to get into some creative profession, and this is a very subjective and personal matter.

These DVDs are not going to help you with that, it is not a guide to start a new career, ultimately it is only going to teach you some great Photoshop techniques, that too if you learn it with added interest and dedication. I cannot be more realistic than this.

The Tutorials are best buy for Graphics Design Students, photographers, Fashion design students and animation students. These students can save lot of money and time with these DVDs, the institutions teach with fast track methods and in many cases in an amateurish way, remember in the job market the worse paid job of all is Teaching Faculties in Graphic Design institutes. It is rare to find a really talented faculty in a graphics and animation institute. 90% of them have never executed a professional assignment. These DVDs can take you on a tour of the real industry methods.

So my final message is; Buy Mastering Photoshop DVDs with confidence but only to learn Photoshop like a professional.

Remember we get 100% positive feedback, Yes it is 100%.

Still you are you welcome to ask more about Mastering Photoshop DVDs before you buy.


What is Mastering Photoshop?

Important Note:- the Audio Quality in many videos is not of good quality, however it's good enough for learning purpose,
Mastering Photoshop is a self learning book in audio-video format - you can watch it on your computer in MP4 format, watch the video and follow the techniques, practice as suggested in the video and learn Photoshop like a Pro. (Version CS5 and CS6 is used to demonstrate lessons)

There are 25 Lessons, in over 16 Hours of video along with the source files. Details of each of the lessons can be checked on content page

Who Should Buy this Photoshop Tutorial?

You can use it as a guide/knowledge resource, mainly for Freelance Designers, Printers, Graphic Design Students, Animation Students, DTP operators, Commercial Art students, Fine art Students etc. Who are learning Graphic Design in art school or want to learn it themselves, or want to improve their skills of Photoshop. Have a look at the images on Content, if you think it is challenging for you then this is a right buy for you, if you think it is a cakewalk then you do not need this product, simple!


Do we get Software in the DVDs?

NO! NO!! NO!!!
There is no software (Adobe) in the DVDs. for Adobe Photoshop please go to www.adobe.com.
You can use Adobe's Softwares free for 30 Days as trial.

You get all the mentioned videos in MP4 and VLC format along with the PSD files of each of the projects in 3 DVDs.



Graphic Design softwares have infinite possibilities and is a huge topic when it comes to learning it, therefore no one can do magic, you cannot become a superman or spider man by buying it, You can not earn 100,000s after learning it,

What I can promise with my DVD tutorials is that Mastering Photoshop will make you a better Graphic Designer than an average designer who goes to the Institute and spend 10,000 to 20,000 on a Photoshop Course, I have trained many designers and worked as a designer myself for over 18 years.

Also it will help you create a portfolio that will rock your profile for a job as a Photoshop Designer - That's a Promise.

There are so many free tutorials available on YouTube, why should we spend on these DVDs

Yes before investing time and money into this venture I myself have spent many hours on Youtube free tutorial. I have taken care that my tutorial DVDs worth the value or even better than the price I charge.
Let me give an example - there are 1000s of websites and Youtube tutorials available for free, but I still have an annual membership that cost around Rs.6000/- approx of Torrins.com the site that teaches guitar, from Blues to Jazz to Bollywood, and I challenge that every lesson I learn on this site makes me wow even though I play guitar for nearly 25 years. I learnt few things on this site that I never ever heard or imaginged as a guitarist.

So the paid things have their advantages, but the free things are not bad too, it's a choice of an individual.


Easy to buy

Click on buy now button, this will take you to our ebay store, you can use credit debit cards and even net banking for payment, on confirmed ebay checkout we will ship the DVDs within 48 Hours via courier service provider. (DTDC, Aramax, or SpeedPost in case your Pin code is a no-service area).

Video Formats

The videos are in MP4 and FLV format, You can download VLC Media Player for free to play MP4, FLV format on your computer.

You can download a small sample video lesson and test it on your computer before you buy. Click here to download a sample file, or click here to watch a sample video online

Software in the DVDs?

There is no software (Adobe) in the DVDs. for Adobe Photoshop please go to www.adobe.com. You can use Adobe's Softwares free for 30 Days as trial including Creative Cloud.

Learning Photoshop

Learning Adobe Photoshop is so easy with Mastering Adobe Photoshop Tutorial DVDs that you can learn like a pro even if you are just a beginner, The Photoshop Tutorials will also teach you about the photoshop free downloads like Free Adobe Photoshop Brush sets or shapes or even PSD files. You will learn some of the impossible looking adobe photoshop effects in few hours. These tutorials will teach you how to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop Effects. All this with over 15 Hours of Video just for Rs 550/- with free delivery till your doorstep anywhere in India within 2-5 days..

  • Learn Advance Masking Techniques
  • Advance Brush Techniques
  • Rare Text Effects
  • Professional Retouching Lesson
  • Matte painting Tutorial Included

Mastering Photoshop Tutorial DVDs

Mastering Photoshop Tutorial DVDs are produced and Marketed by G16studios, Bangalore

We produce, design, direct, educational multimedia products for online or offline media like DVDs or interactive software.

Mastering Photoshop is our first release in the market, and available in retail form for online purchase on this site and will soon be available in selected stores.

We also make tailor made tutorials for institutions with specific features and style as per their requirements.

We will soon launch Video Tutorial for Autodesk Maya®, Produced by Frameboxx, a renowned name in Animation and VFX training with over 70 training centers all over India.


Highlights of the DVD course

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www.example1.com - Example Project at April

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www.example2.com - Example 2 Project at June

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www.example3.com - Example 3 Project at July