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Basics of Photoshop Video Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop tutorial image.
All the tools in Photoshop are explained with practical use/demo along with some usefull tips to use the tools effectively.

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Basic for Starters PART-1

Welcome to Mastering Photoshop®, and let’s have a look at introduction to Adobe Photoshop for beginners. I’am going to take you on a tour of Adobe Photoshop Interface with an assumption that you are opening this software for the first time. So let’s gets started with the tool bar, we have the first tool called move tool, as the name suggests you can move an image or the text or anything which is movable.

The next tool is Marquee Tool, and when you click on the Marquee tool you’ll realize, there is a small arrow in one corner. If you keep your mouse and click it over there for a couple of seconds you’ll see there are few more tools inside that button and this is called fly out menu. So most of the tools, almost every tool in CS6 has got the fly out menu style like hidden options inside. In order to select the other options you have the short cut keys assigned to this tool on the keyboard, so the marking tool has got the shortcut key assigned that is M. So If you press M on the keyboard you will get the marquee tool selected, however if you press SHIFT+M again you automatically change the option of marquee tool.

So now let’s see what you can do with the Marquee tool, so with the rectangular marquee tool you can select the rectangular shapes and of course you can delete them or you can fill them with color or you can move them. So once you made the selection with the rectangle marquee tool you can paint on that area you can delete that area or you can move that area. You can also add the selections, so if I select some area with the rectangular marquee tool, I can hold on SHIFT key and add some more selection to it. And I can also subtract this rectangle selection by holding the ALT key on the keyboard and select the area you want to subtract from the selection. You can also move that If you want to move the selection you can hold CNTRL key and that will change pointer tool with this new icon and you can now move the selection.


Author: Abhijeet Sojwal