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Dark Art Photoshop Tutorial

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Adobe Photoshop tutorial image.

Dark Art Photoshop Tutorial (Transcript of Video)

Hi, welcome back to Mastering Photoshop. In this tutorial you are going to learn building composition; people who are into designing the backgrounds for the games, background for the television production or special effects may find it very useful. Let me show you the stock images that I have used for this. These are the stock images mainly come from deviant art stock and other one is from stock exchange that is sxc.hu, all the credits to the photographer and the image owners in the PSD files given on the DVD covers. Now merely cutting and pasting images from the stock images and building up a PSD file cannot help you in creating a great looking realistic final effect. Therefore the objective here is to look into each image for the enhancement and blending it into the final composition.

Let’s begin with the girl’s image. I have an option to just make a simple cut out of this model and pasting this on this scene and blend it with some colours, however I feel that is not justified. I need to do something which can set the mood of the entire composition. So let’s do some make over to this image in a separate PSD file. If you look at this image it’s not just copy and paste of this image but I have done quite a lot enhancement or the modification of this image to set the moode what we are trying to create the dark scene or fantasy or kind of horror situation. So to begin with I have added the skirt which gives great looking body to this image and the shape and the balance. You can get plenty of this kind of elements on internet. You can search for this kind of elements in Google, since we are doing just a practice scene, this is not happening for big or high resolution 2K movie, therefore you can try even some low resolution images.


Main Photoshop Features used in this Video Tutorial

1) Layer Blending Mode
2) Layer Mask
3) Color overlays
4) Adjustment layers
5) Dodge and Burn


Author: Abhijeet Sojwal

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