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Face Effect Tutorial

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Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Face Effect Photoshop Tutorial (Transcript of Video)

Now let’s have a closer look at this Face Effect project file. We are going to see how to create this splash effect, the tripping lip stick and of course the background and the tiny elements. Now I have this new file with the dimensions 2200px X 2200Px and 300DPI resolution, and I took this stock image picture and just place it on a new layer, now let’s have a path and considering the abstract nature of the art work, you can draw your own shape path.  After selecting the path just refine the shape of the path, by changing few curves. Use CNTRL to move this control point, and ALT to change the shape of the path. Now my path is ready and this is the final shape that am going to give to this face.

I suggest you to draw the multiple path’s and take the best of that lot.  Now hold CNTRL on the keyboard and click on the path that gives the selection around, let’s go to the layers and press CNTRL+J on the keyboard that gives you the selection on the new layer. Now after getting the new layer out of our path selection I resized this a bit. Now let’s create a duplicate layer of this by holding CNTRL+J on the keyboard, take the first layer and lock it by clicking this tiny icon. And let’s take the Brush tool or the Fill tool any tool Fill or Brush or Pencil.

Let’s select the darker shade from the face, press ALT and click on the area where you want to sample the colour. Now let’s fill this layer by pressing ALT+BACKSPACE on the keyboard. And now make this layer visible. Now let’s move this layer a little bit so that it gives slight effect of 3Dimensional or thickness to face kind of mask. Now take the Brush tool of size 150 to 200Px, keep on sampling the light colour and paint over it, and since our main image locked for fill, so this only effect the mask that we have created earlier like this. So we’ll create the highlights and shadows to give some kind of shiny effect, or the realistic effect. And now let’s do some highlights and shadows on the face. And here some particular areas are too dark, so you can take the dodge tool, take a nice smooth large sized brush by keeping the exposure very low by selecting the Midtones as your range. And just move that over the dark areas, and for the too dark areas take the range as shadows.

And now let’s create the dripping lips or splashes. For that I want to do one small arrangement that is background colour, so let’s keep a light grey colour in the background so that it makes the work easy. Now we are going to make a separate background for this. Then this grey background will help you usually to work on this object. And now let’s take some stock image files in order to create the splash.

I have the splash images from the stock images. So let’s start with this splash, select that area and CNTRL+C to copy, let’s go back to the project file and on our new layer, I kept the face and its related object in the group called Face. So let’s create this new file in the Face group folder and on this new layer, let’s paste this splash object, CNTRL+V to paste and CNTRL+T to transform then scale it down, hit Enter on the keyboard. If you want very precise cut out of this splash then you can use path, right now I l take the Magic wand tool, hit <W> on the keyboard to select the Magic Wand Tool, and since the background is flat white, It is giving a nice smooth selection. Hit Delete on the keyboard and the cut out is very nicely done, as the background is clean. And now we have to change the colour of this splash and match it with the face colour, so there are multiple techniques for this, I’ll teach you the easiest one first.

Author: Abhijeet Sojwal

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