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Fiction Art work Photoshop Tutorial

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Adobe Photoshop tutorial image.

Dark Art Photoshop Tutorial (Transcript of Video)

Welcome to mastering Photoshop. In this tutorial we are going to see this scary, creepy artwork for a novel cover and we also going to turn it into a 3D mock-up of a novel and this we are going to do almost automatic or within few minutes. So there’s no 3D software or 3D technique involved in it. This was very important for me when I used to do novels for the reputed authors and this style of presentation helped me a lot in instant approvals and creating great impression on the clients and knocking down off the competition. Let’s have a look at the stock images I have used. These are the two prominent stock images I have used for this artwork. One is the abandoned house from the and the other from the

We’ll create the background first, and for the background I have used this landscape image, basically to get the division of sky and the land. And on this background let’s create the masking layer, on this masking layer let’s take a huge soft brush with around 50 to 60% of opacity, and just stroke it this way. And then change the opacity to 20% and bring it down. So this is to get the darker sky above and once we are done with that, let’s bring in the main important stock image of the house, you simply have to create a cut out around this with the help of path, and once you finish the cut out let’s keep the ground a little bit, we’ll not cut it out to the edge but we’ll leave some ground which will help.

I have kept this much of ground so that we can use that for blending the image. So you see I have kept the ground intact over here which will help us in blending this image to the ground and to blend that we also will create a masking layer on this and you can see this is the brush stroke or let me create that once again..

.. Adobe Photoshop tutorial image.

Main Photoshop Features used in this Video Tutorial

1) Layer Blending Mode
2) Layer Mask
3) Adjustment layers
4) Dodge and Burn
5) Photoshop Actions


Author: Abhijeet Sojwal

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