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Film Poster Designing Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials. Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Film Poster Design Tutorial (Transcript of Video)

Hello welcome back to Mastering Photoshop, in this tutorial we are going  to construct a film poster or a movie poster. Let me show you the source images used for this composition. These are the raw stock images and this is the final output. I also have this DVD mock up ready for this project, though it is not part of this tutorial and we will talk about it in a separate tutorial video. So let’s start with the background. This is the first stock image placed over here, it’s a big panoramic view of a city scape. And I wanted some mild blue colour as a sky behind, so the background colour is taken aqua blue colour and kept it much unsaturated or dull shade. Because we are going to put some more layers and do some blending with this colour.

And for this image I have a layer mask to merge it into the background, so to create the layer mask you simply click on the layer mask icon over here. Simply click here to create a new layer mask and take the Soft big Brush, right click and change the hardness of brush to all the way to zero with a black foreground colour and 100% opacity using the edge of the brush you can merge. And now next stroke take the opacity 20-30% and then use one more stroke of a brush to merge it softly. And above this I have this layer as a kind of a platform for two soldiers or two cops to sit on. So this particular piece come from the stock image of a concrete wall.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials  Film Poster Design

The stock images used in the Tutorial

So this is the concrete wall texture. I can copy this CNTRL+A to select and CNTRL+C to copy and let’s go back to the PSD file and paste it over there by pressing CNTRL+V. now go to edit select Free Transform and hold on CNTRL key on the keyboard and drag this pointer diagonally again hold on CNTRL key and drag the second edge as shown. And now to create a spot light effect on this piece of concrete, go to filter in that select render and in that select lighting effects and change the default light to top and then resize it to create the spot light effect on the wall. So this is the first picture from the stock library. And this character who is in the centre supposed to be a most important character in the story of the film. All you have to do is merge down the edges of this picture, and to do that create a layer mask, click on the add layer mask button and with a black soft brush with around 60-70% opacity just paint with the black colour, if you observe I am using the edge of the brush to get the softer effect.

And then lower down the opacity to soften the edges further. And now let’s bring in the second picture of this girl, in this picture even though it is not prominently visible in the overall artwork but I have done a very fine cut out to this image, where we have very fine strands of hair. And let me show you how to do this with in no time. And this is the picture from the stock image and the picture is shot on white background and to do a fine cut out to the hair, let me show you the technique, adjust the brightness and contrast the image.

Author: Abhijeet Sojwal

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