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Grunge Style Poster Design

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

grunge style poster design photoshop tutorial

Grunge Style Poster Design Tutorial (Transcript of Video)

And for the background of this artwork is a simple image comes from and then I have one adjustment layer above it, so to create an adjustment layer go to the tiny icon over here and create these kind of adjustment layers. So I have created one adjustment layer above this background texture is the Level, and you can see, I brightened up the background a bit. And after that I have one more textured image, let me change the blending mode, so this is the image of an old paper, and then I change the blending mode to linear burn.

So I got the nice yellow colour caste to the entire texture and with the adjustment layer in between we can control the amount of texture is visible. So I can make the texture appear prominently, or I can subdivide and keep just the dark edges. After that I have one more layer above this and this one is to create the ray’s kind of stuff, I’ll demonstrate that to you definitely, it’s pretty simple, you don’t have to download anything or you don’t have to bring in any image something like that.

Go to this custom shape tool over here, let’s create a new layer and in the shapes you have this particular things readily available, all you have to search is this one. And now let’s zoom out and hold on SHIFT key and just draw the shape. So it has taken the foreground colour as black, and what I have done is I have used a light yellow colour and change the blending mode of it to linear burn. So if I make it normal you can see that it’s nothing but a light yellow colour. So this is how you create this ray’s kind of effect. And I don’t know what you call to this wheel. Next I have created one small pattern, let’s change the blending mode to linear burn and opacity was somewhere around 20 to 25. And above this I have created a pattern. If you see it closely then there is a pattern of these lines, so to create this pattern what I do is I’ll show you on a new file. So create a new file of size 500*500Px.

Author: Abhijeet Sojwal

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