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Hand Dipped in Honey Tutorial

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

learn Honey hand Photoshop Style Tutorial

Hand Coated with Honey Photoshop Tutorial (Transcript of Video)

Welcome back to mastering Photoshop. And in this tutorial we are going to see this hand covered with the glue liquid like Honey or caramel. And let’s start with a new file, create a new file by pressing CNTRL+N and keep the size as 800*600Px with 72 DPI resolution. And now I have this stock image of hands and for this kind of images you can go to and you have plenty of free good resolution hands images, you can download one of them. And you can now go to eraser tool in that select Magic Eraser tool and click on the white background and the background will get disappeared. And there is one more patch of white here and click on that also you will get rid of that. And now take the lasso tool press L on the keyboard for lasso tool, select one of the hands and press CNTRL+C to copy and go back to the project file and paste it by pressing CNTRL+V. and now this image is too big compared to the file that we have created so let’s press CNTRL+T for free transform, hold on SHIFT and ALT on the keyboard and scale down the image.

You can rotate the image if you want. And we’ll rotate this hand and keep it like this. Press Enter to accept the transformation. Now select the background layer and press CNTRL+I to turn it inverse. So the white background will become black. And now if you zoom on the edges of this hand you’ll see that the Magic Eraser tool has not done a perfect job, but it is perfectly alright to use the Magic Eraser tool. And this issues of edges of the image we can solve very easily in few seconds. So press CNTRL and click on the layer1 that will select the hand image and now press SHIFT+F6 or you can go to Select menu and in that select Modify and in that select Feather. And let’s use 1Px of feather, and now press CNTRL+SHIFT+I to inverse or you can go to Select menu and select inverse. And now press CNTRL+H to hide the selection, so selection is still there but it is hidden. And now hit Delete on the keyboard and now see its effect on the keyboard. You can delete one more time and you can delete one more time. And now press CNTRL+H again to reveal your selection and CNTRL+D to deselect....

Author: Abhijeet Sojwal

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