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Mercury Text Photoshop Tutorial

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

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Mercury Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial (Transcript of Video)

Welcome back to Mastering Photoshop. And what you just saw was something I was writing with my tablet pen and this style layer was switched on and it was taking all the styling which I’ve used for this Mercury text. We are going to see how to create this effect, it’s pretty simple, it’s look complicated when you think about it but it’s pretty simple. Let’s start building this effect, I am using the same file, and I’ll show you the dimensions of the file,
it’s 1500 X 1000px with a resolution of 72DPI.

You can choose another size or you can use any other size and resolution. However the values what we are going to create the styling with is going to get effected with the size of the canvas. So you can create a new file with 1500*1000Px size and with 72 DPI. For the background I have used the stock image of sand or some sort of wall texture and again not restricted, you can use any other background. Take the elliptical marquee tool and create one ellipse in the centre of the canvas, press SHIFT+F6 to give feather and I am using 111PX of feather, and now with your feathered selection on click on the add layer mask button and there you are, this is your background all you can do is lower down the opacity between 40 to 50%.

Now let’s type our text for the mercury effect. So I am taking a font called Sheboygan and I actually don’t know how it is pronounced, so this is the font Sheboygan and type the text “Mercury”, so you can either use upper lower or you can click on this button over here to make all caps, and I have used a font size of 195pts. And again this is not restricted but then it will affect to the styling values I am using. So if you change the font size the values are going to change. And you have to compensate with the different values. So what we do is, we first do the kerning of the fonts and this is the habit of all the ad agency designers that they first correct the kerning of the font that means the distance between characters. So the designers fonts usually in a very big size and don’t give the uniform distance between characters...

Main Photoshop Features used in this Video Tutorial

1) Layer Styles

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