Misty Morning


Tutorial 10

Misty Morning Train

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

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Misty Morning Train (Transcript of Video)

In this tutorial we are going to compose this beautiful misty morning train and the interesting part of this composition is that, each and every element in this composition you see is a piece of image gathered from various stock images or simply the Google images. So the highlight is the birds, the water falls and the bushes you see around are all joined together, the best of all is the smoke and fog effect.

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So let’s start building up this composition, to begin with let’s create a new file by pressing CNTRL+N on the keyboard or go to file and select new and keep your dimensions as 4500*2500px and 72DPI resolution.

So now in your stock images folder you’ll find this image and if you want you can go to the free stock image sites like sxc.hu or any other free stock sites get your choice of mountain or background image what so ever. So I have this image copied in the folder so let’s press CNTRL+A and CNTRL+C to copy and go to the project file and press CNTRL+V to paste. So scale a little bit somehow I want to create a background. Like the matte painting tutorial I don’t have any sketch in my mind, I just want the space for the train and bride and accordingly I am creating this background. So to fill up the other part let’s try using the same image. So you can hold on ALT on the keyboard and drag this image and that will get you a duplicate layer along with that image. So if you drag any image or any layer with your ALT key hold on Photoshop will keep on creating a duplicate of that file on a new layer.

So let’s keep the same image and let’s create some variation. Add up layer mask on this. Click on the layer mask button. And take a huge brush, basic huge soft brush ensure that the hardness is zero by right clicking. The foreground colour is black and the opacity is 100% and let’s brush. So I would also like to create some tonal variation in this image. So let me tell you there is no planning, or there is no preset game plan design for this particular project or tutorial and the best part is that it’s a kind of free hand or free style designing. So click on the image and CNTRL+L to get the levels and create some variation in this image. And the similarity what you can see can be taken care by creating fog and smoke etc. and that’s why I am taking the liberty of creating the clone of same image. So once we have done this we can come back and re arrange this setting or this composition. Let’s go back and take the image of the train, now this train is standing on a station...

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