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Painting Vector Photoshop Tutorial

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

painting vector photoshop lessons

Painting Vector or sketch in Photoshop (Transcript of Video)

Hello and welcome once again in to Mastering Photoshop. In this tutorial we are going to change this illustration and paint it in the Photoshop and going to make something like this. Let’s start, I have this sketch which is created in Adobe Illustrator. And it’s a flat file there are no layers, it could be a scanned sketch also or line drawing done in some illustration program. Let’s see how we can paint this kind of illustrations. First of all let’s take the magic wand tool and change the tolerance to around 20 to 25 and with that we’ll select this shine or glare on the hair. Click on this grey area, hold on SHIFT key on the keyboard and keep on clicking on those grey patches and add that to your selection. Now create a new layer and take some colour like say pink, this is just for indication so any colour should work. And if you left some patches, you can go back take the magic wand tool select that and come back to this layer and ALT+BACKSPACE to fill that with foreground colour.

Let’s rename this as hair gloss just in order to identify the layer. We are going to end up with lots of layers, so let’s start renaming the layers from the beginning itself so that we don’t create a mess or a confusion in the layer pallet. Now let’s select the hair and we’ll select those hairs in pieces so let’s select top piece with the magic wand tool and again let’s select some different colour, so I am choosing this bright weird colours in order to identify those layers. So we left one piece over there, so go back to layer1 select that with the magic wand tool again hold on SHIFT and select this piece also and go back here and fill that patch with the foreground colour. Let’s rename this layer, by double clicking on it as Hair01, again go to the layer1 and let’s rename this as illustration. And with the magic wand tool let’s select another part of hair and again a new layer, let’s take some different colour and fill that layer with that colour. And this is our layer Hair02. ..

Main Photoshop Features used in this Video Tutorial

1) Brush options

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