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About Us


About us

Mastering Photoshop Tutorial DVDs are produced and Marketed by G16studios, Bangalore

We produce, design, direct, educational multimedia products for online or offline media like DVDs

or interactive software.

Mastering Photoshop is our first release in the market, and available in retail form for online purchase on this site and will soon be available in selected stores.

We also make tailor made tutorials for institutions with specific features and style as per their requirements.

We will soon launch Video Tutorial for Autodesk Maya®, Produced by Frameboxx, a renowned name in Animation and VFX training with over 70 training centers all over India.

The 2nd in the seriese is Mastering Photography DVDs,

The Author will take you on a long journey of photography from 

Basic theory

Point and shoot photography

Entry level DSLR photography

Professional Photography with cameras like Canon 5D Mark II and pro lenses,

Studio lights with Reputed Models.

The Course is designed in such a way that you will not only learn to produce good results with your point and shoot cameras but can seriously follow professional section in the DVDs and soon start taking up professional assignments - Because the DVDs will also teach you the business of photography, Photographers fees or salaries, investment on equipment etc etc.

The Uniqueness of our DVD set is (1) Price - unlike the foriegn videos our price is less than a set of chargable batteries, we want to sell more, create more fans and earn more rather than selling few to previleged people for a big money.

(2) Mastering Photography DVDs are going to talk about Indian photography, equimpment and budget, so we will be talking about the dealers in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and chennai and not about the market and equipment of Singapore, Newyork etc etc.

So who we are targetting?

One single course for almost same price as our current DVD set for Photoshop is useful for

1) Hobbyies with a Point and shoot camera

2) A serious enthusiast with an entry level DSLR kit

3) Aspiring Professional with an expensive Kit

4) Professional who is newly entered into Photography Business as Wedding, Fashion or Industrial Photographer.

For business queries please write to us

Welcome to Mastering Photoshop DVDs

Basic Photography DVD for Serious Photographers

Format MP4, Can be played on Tabs and Phones

More than 10,00,000 DSLRs are sold in India every year, from entry level basic to professional.

For over 50% of these buyers, this is their first DSLR. Many of them give up Photography within first 2 years, in-spite of having internet, workshops in their cities or after going to expensive classes; because learning is painful than they thought it would be.

Many of them are happy and click coffee mugs, spiders in the garden, and pretty much “just like that”, instead of Photography they learn everything about the cameras. The brand of cameras, the year it is launched, the year it is discarded, all the technical specifications and even the special point of view about all the cameras and lenses in the world. But they fail to understand that it is not called Photography.

This DVD will teach you the real photography, what the serious people learn in the serious workshops or serious classes, which are very expensive.

On the internet 100s of so call tutors are spread all over – I personally know people teaching photography in the evening classes after attending the morning batch of some other institute; just for quick bucks. All they teach is about operating the camera.

I made this DVD after 18 years of experience in Photography, Post production and after setting up India’s one of the largest studio for an e-commerce giant. And training 100s of commercial photographers to deliver over few thousand retouched images every day. I do photography as a professional under the business name G16studios(

In Photography there are no recipes and automatic buttons to produce pro images.

Understanding the concept is more important than learning recipes, this DVD is focused on the concepts – so that you develop your own tricks and techniques. Perhaps I would politely request to the buyers NOT to BUY this course if you are looking for the tricks, formulas or cheatcodes of cameras.

My previous DVDs did not disappoint the 1000s of buyers, it earned 100% satisfaction reviews –

Remember all of these 1000s of buyers have internet connections – but all they got from these DVDs is something that they do not get on internet.

So if you are serious about Photography and do not want to be a part of the crowd of 100000s of camera owners and shoot the coffee mugs for rest of your life, grab your copy today.

Learn it Like a Pro.

Content (7.5 hours)

00-Intro -I
01-Basic- I – How camera works
02-Basic- II – How camera works
03-Exposure-Fundamentals I
04-Exposure-Fundamentals II
05-Exposure-Fundamentals II
06-Exposure-Fundamentals IV
07-Exposure with Modes, Aperture Priority
08-Shutter Speed Priority
09-Understand Exposure Demo
11-Exposure-Comp, Meter – Darker or Brighter images within camera
13-Focusing – I – For still subjects
14-Focusing – II – Moving Subjects
15-Focusing- III – Moving Subjects
16-Drive or Burst Modes – Rapid fire photography
17-Lens – I
18-Lens – II
19-Lens – III
20-Lens – IV
21-Lens – V
22-white-Balance – I
23-White-Balance – II – What Professionals do.
24-Flash-Photography – I
25-Flash-Photography – II
26-Flash-Photography – III
27-flash-photography – IV
28-Flash-Photography – V
29-Composition – I
30-Composition – II
31-Zone-System – Advance Exposure
32-Zone-System – Advance Exposure
33-Zone-system – Advance Exposure
34-Zone-System – Advance Exposure
35-Histogram -I
36-Histogram -II
37-Tethering – Shooting with Computer
38-Introduction to Lightroom
39-Introduction to Lightroom
40-Introduction to Lightroom
41-Introduction to Lightroom

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