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Tutorial 10

Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Photo manipulation effect

Photo Manipulation Tutorial (Transcript of Video)

Welcome to the new lesson Photo Manipulation, and in this lesson I am going to show you some simple techniques to convert a raw looking simple image into jazzy, fantastic larger than life visuals. This often happens in the design studio that we get this kind of raw looking images. When I say raw I don’t mean the RAW file format but I mean the visual appeal of the image. And it cannot be taken off by merely doing the brightness contrast or the tonal quality change in the image. So here’s the simple manipulation technique. Now When I say simple, I mean that it should be done with in few minutes. It should not take hours and hours, that’s my approach while working on Photoshop, because I know the commercial production value.

photo manipulation effect
This particular thing is not worth spending many hours on that. So when I say simple that means it should take a few minutes or probably an hour. Let’s begin with a new file, press CNTRL+N to create a new file and I am keeping the dimensions 2000*2000 and a good 300DPI resolution. And the next step is that get this model extracted from its background and brings it back to the project file.

I have drawn already a path around this image. And now let’s select the model and bring it to the project file. So hold on CNTRL key on the keyboard and click on the work path, copy that selection and paste it on the project file. So let’s adjust it to fit this image into as per the spacing in the layout. So looking at the orientation of the image I would like to Tilt it a bit to balance and rest everything looks perfectly alright, hit Enter to accept the transformation.

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