Tutorial 11

Photo Retouching Tutorial

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Photo retouching tutorial in photoshop

Photo Retouching Photoshop Tutorial (Transcript of Video)

Welcome to portrait retouching tutorial, let’s begin with building a powerful roadmap for the job. And to do that let’s create a new layer and on this new layer we’ll note down the corrections we feel that need to be performed. So first thing I would like to note down is height of the forehead and height of the face. We’ll compress the height of the face and then we’ll reduce the height of the forehead and then obviously the patches on the skin, we’ll correct these things, then I would like to do some correction for the shape of eyebrows, and then we have to work on the colour correction. I think this should be all and then, we have to fix up some make up issues, perhaps there is no makeup on this face, so we have to do some makeup.
For the makeup areas I am using another colour, here I am marking eyes and lips and then we have to do contouring of the overall face. Now you can build this roadmap accurately, precisely or in more details. You can write down your notes and this can help you in case you forget something to do, you can open up this roadmap layer and can see your notes.

Let’s begin the job by creating the duplicate layer of this base layer, press CNTRL+J to create a duplicate layer. This layer will keep intact to compare our progress with the original image. And we’ll start our work with the duplicate layer. And we’ll first attack the spots and blemishes, to correct the spots and blemishes go to The Spot Healing Brush tool, you can access that by pressing J on the key board, with a little bigger brush than the actual spots, you just need to paint over the spots. Now you don’t have to remove each and every dot on the face, you can leave the some of the dots, and target only the prominent or highlighted spots or blemishes. And again depends up on what level of correction you want to do. If you want you can go ahead and remove each and every small or big dots on the face or you can leave some of the dots or small blemishes, and that’s perfectly alright, now do this clean up to the level what you like.

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