Retro Illustration


Tutorial 12

Retro Style Illustration Tutorial

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Retro style illustration in Photoshop
Remember there is no automatic button or plugin or trick that can convert images to hi-quality illustrations, but there is a method that always gives RESULTS, the same has been shown in the video.

Retro Style Illustration in Photoshop (Transcript of Video)

Hello once again welcome back to Mastering Photoshop. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to convert the photographs into illustrations. And that’s not just for fun but it’s a great value addition, as far as the commercial assignments are concerned sometimes we do not get good quality pictures or we do not have the budget for great quality photography. And you end up getting armature clicked pictures which are bad in tonal quality or some time the makeup and whole lot of other issues. In those kinds of conditions we can convert those pictures no matter what quality of picture they are you can convert them into illustrations and you can always achieve a great uncompromised quality for your assignments.

And also you have control over the look and feel of the picture. So you are free to change this features from photographs if a model doesn’t have a great smile you can do some changes in your illustration and you can have the great smile or if she doesn’t have good eyes you can do some changes, because you are illustrating it. Along with that we are also going to see how to create this half tone effect, now this is widely known as retro effect, and it gives you hint of 60’s and 70’s printing style or the comic books and that was basically because of the limitations of the technology to convert the artworks in to the printing material. However we don’t have those kinds of restrictions or limitations today. We have great printing technologies in place for a very fine details or shadings we have great systems today. But this particular style gives the feeling of that era, and now it’s a kind of style but not the limitation. So let’s start with this photograph. So I have this stock image, and it’s a very high resolution image.

I have created a canvas of 2500*3000Px and kept the resolution at 300DPI. If you have good quality system or a powerful computer then I suggest you to even go further and keep the resolution as 600DPI. I am keeping it 300 over here because I need lot of memory to record the high resolution screen. And but if I have to do this kind of thing as an assignment I would keep resolution at around 600DPI and that gives you scope for fine detailing . So we’ll do this with 300 DPI resolution. Let’s create a new layer above or you can create a new group, rename the group to face by double clicking.


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