Changing Shape in Photoshop


Tutorial 02

Changing Shape Photoshop Tutorail

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Changing Shape in Photoshop

In this tutorial we are going to see the how to shape the objects. And we are going to turn this apple into square or cubical shape. So let’s create a new file with the dimensions 9*9 inches that is 2700 pixel square and 300 DPI resolution. And let’s paste the apple image on this, it’s already clipped with the help of path.

And now let’s create a new layer above and let’s make the structure of the cube. And to do that take the Rectangular Marquee tool and draw one Rectangle shape, then go to edit and Select Stroke of 12 px width with black colour and there you get a rectangular shape. And now hold the CNTRL+D on the keyboard, hold on CNTRL key and give it perspective and then press enter, and now let’s make a duplicate layer of this by pressing CNTRL+J, after pressing CNTRL+J you will be getting duplicate layer and now go to Edit and in that select Transform in that select Flip Horizontal, and now match it with the first Rectangle. Press CNTRL+T to transform and hold on CNTRL key and shape this rectangle. Now let’s take the Brush Tool with Hardness as 100% and size 12Px because we used 12Px Stroke here. Now take the first Rectangle again create a duplicate of this by pressing CNTRL+J, drag the duplicate and match it with the top line of the other Rectangle. And now let’s take the Brush Tool click on the first point and hold on the SHIFT key and click on the other point of the rectangle and that gives you a cube. Now select all the 3 layers and press CNTRL+E and CNTRL+T to transform and match the height of the cube with the Apple’s height....

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