Shattered Wings


Tutorial 13

Shattered Wing Effect in Photoshop

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Shattered effect in Photoshop CS5

Shattered Wings Effect in Photoshop (Transcript of Video)

Welcome to the new chapter Shattered Wings. Let’s have a close look at this effect; this is achieved with the help of Preset brush tool. Let’s begin with a new file, CNTRL+N to create a new file. These are the dimensions of my new canvas and this is mainly kept at a very high resolution in order to leave some scope for cropping at the end. So let’s create a background for the project, for the background I am using light grey colour. This shade of grey can be corrected later with the help of levels or any other brightness contrast tools. Now let’s bring in the stock image file of the birds picture. So this is the original bird’s image. To cut it out from its background let’s use path. To do this, go to path and create new path, and select the path tool, zoom in on one portion of the image and click on the start point and start drawing the path. To shape the path use ALT key on the keyboard and you can shape the path with this control point. And in case you want to move the Control point use CNTRL on the keyboard and change this and then again hold ALT key and shape the path. So I have already kept a path ready. And this is my complete path, now hold CNTRL key on the keyboard and click on the path that will convert your path in to the selection. This selection is in inverse form that is right now you can see the background of the image selected not the main object, so to inverse the selection press CNTRL+SHIFT+I. now copy the object by CNTRL+C and go back to the main background layer in the main project file and paste it over here by pressing CNTRL+V.  Now let’s change the size and position of the bird, to match to the composition press Enter. Let’s create a new layer beneath the bird’s layer let’s name this layer as Bird and let’s name this layer as Hot spot. And to create this bright spot behind select the elliptical Marquee tool  create a small circle and use a feather around this selection of around 100 to 110Px , and to give the feather to the selection press SHIFT+F6 on the keyboard or you can also go to Select menu and in that select Modify and in that select Feather. So for the soft feathering use white foreground colour and fill this selection by pressing ALT+BACKSPACE to fill. And now deselect the selection by pressing CNTRL+D. and now use CNTRL+T to transform or you can go the Edit menu and select Transform and in that select Free transform and scale this bright spot to fit on to the canvas. And this is very soft bright spot behind the main object..


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