Portrait Effect in Photoshop


Tutorial 03

Smoky Portrait Tutorial

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Smoky Portrait

Welcome back once again to Mastering Photoshop. In this photoshop tutorial you are going to see how to create this Abstract effect. And the good thing is that it looks very complicated, but it is not that complicated, you can finish this process within 4 to 5 layers. It’s just a matter of few Masking Techniques and perhaps you can create a whole series of this particular Abstract effect. So let’s begin with the new file, CNTRL+N on the keyboard to create a new file, and let’s keep the dimensions 2000 Px and height is 2500Px and I am keeping the resolution at 72 DPI, because I am not going to use this file for any print applications. This file is going to remain on the screen or on the website.

 Here is a stock image of the model, so you can drag this image on to the new file, let’s scale this a little bit by pressing CNTRL+T to scale down and press ALT+SHIFT for a perfect scaling and scale it and press Enter. So now you can go to all-free-download.com and search for ink in water and you’ll find this abstract images. Many of them are free, so a whole bunch of free images you’ll find there. These are the high speed photographs of ink dropped in clear water. And you’ll find more advanced version of this if you search in google. This is one of the High Speed image of ink dropped in the water. It’s unbelievable it is looking like some sort of fabric or some abstract computer graphics work, but it’s actually the ink dropped in the clear water and shot with the high speed cameras. So there are some masters of this Art in the world of imaging, I can say Abstract Photography and you’ll find plenty of this kind of images which are okay to use for our experiments and learning projects. So this is one of the image that I took from google. So let’s take this image, now press CNTRL+A a nd CNTRL+C to copy. Go to the project file and you can press CNTRL+V to paste this.  Now press CNTRL+T to transform and scale this image such that it fits on the Portrait you can hold ALT+SHIFT for perfect scaling.

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