Special Effect


Tutorial 14

Special Effects in Photoshop CS6

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

special effect tutorial in photoshop cs6

Special Effect in Photoshop (Transcript of Video)

In this tutorial we are going to see how to create the light reflection or the effect of light reflection as well as how to create these objects emitting light. First of all let’s create this kind of objects and to do this we’ll need to create a new file, so go to file and select new and let’s create a 1200Px X 1200Px  size and with 300DPI resolution. If you open the project file from your DVD, you’ll see one hidden layer on top of the all layers, if you reveal that layer byclicking on this eye icon, you’ll see it contains one string of text and that is the link to one of the resource sites.

special effects in Photoshop CS6

So copy this link or you can double click on the layer, then the text gets selected, you can press CNTRL+C to copy and paste that link in to the browser, and this is the resource web page of this author who created this brush. You can download the brush file from this link. Now let’s go back to the project file, and go to the newly created canvas. You can unzip that zip file which you have downloaded and that will give you an ABR file that is the brush file.

Select the brush tool, you can go to dropdown over here and then go to the dropdown over here and select the Load brushes and load this file called Elliptic mental storm, which I already have loaded in to my brush sets. So now convert this background to black by pressing CNTRL and I on the key board that is for inverse. And the background will turn into black colour. Now take the brush tool, let’s keep our foreground colour as white. Now go to the brush set, and these are the brushes we downloaded and installed from the link given to you in the PSD file. Let’s select a suitable brush file for this kind of object. So let’s take this one on a new layer, click over here to create a new layer and click on the layer and now say CNTRL+T for free transform and let’s rotate this brush or this object, so this particular brush has got a feathered edges, but what I am looking is for the  sharp brush. .


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