Studio Backdrop


Tutorial 14

Live Studio Backdrop in Photoshop CS6

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

studio backdrop photoshop tutorial

Live Studio Backdrop (Transcript of Video)

In this tutorial we are going to see few interesting things of Photoshop like the cut out of this squirrel with the very fine details kept intact. And that too it is done in couple of minutes. Let’s create a new file and keep the width 2600 and height 1500 and the resolution as 300DPI. Name this file as Studio back drop, say ok. And for the background let’s take the gradient fill tool, with the default gradient black to white, drag it by holding on SHIFT key and drag this backdrop. Now let’s go to levels CNTRL+L for levels and let’s make it not too contrast.

And now go to the shape tool and have the shape selected over here, in Photoshop CS5, these 3 options are in form of symbols.  So let’s create a shape, a rectangle shape and now to create the studio backdrop kind of shape, go to Edit menu and say Transform path and say Wrap. And drag this like this and hit Enter. And now to give a look of carpet surface or some crease and folds over here, we can go to pen tool, you can access this by hitting P on the keyboard. Hold on CNTRL and click on the shape and when you go on the path with this pen tool selected it will turn into a plus sign, and when you click it will create one anchor point over there, hold on CNTRL key on the keyboard and drag this to create this curve. So all I am doing is holding CNTRL to move this point and ALT to shape this point. So when I hold ALT key on the keyboard and bring my mouse to the anchor point it turns into this symbol, and then I can shape it. Select the pointer tool click on the different layer and you’ll see your shape.

Now this is my final shape, after working with the path tool. And now let’s bring in the picture, it’s a stock image, say CNTRL+A to select all and CNTRL+C to copy and let’s go to the project file and CNTRL+V to paste, now this is a high resolution stock image, therefore its huge in size compared to our project file, so let’s resize this and now double click on this layer1 to rename it, let’s name it as grass. Now right click on this layer and say create clipping mask. And you see that it has taken the shape we created earlier, and you can see the change in the symbolic look of the layer, there is one arrow over here and the layer beneath is underlined. .

Main Photoshop Features used in this Video Tutorial

1) Pen tool/Path
2) Clipping Mask
3) Custom Brush option
4) Smart Object
5) Layer Mask Properties

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