Tutorial 17

Violinist Composition in Photoshop

Below is the small transcript of the Video lesson as well as a small sample Video clip.

Fine art effect in Photoshop CS6

Violinist Fine art Effect in Photoshop (Transcript of Video)

In this tutorial I am going to describe this fine art work, and you can see the realistic canvas texture, that is mainly because, what I intended to do with this artwork is this. So let’ start with the background and for the background I have used the clouds image, you can use any image that has go a nice depth and nice perspective to it. And to match with this perspective I have the field which is a poppy field image.  A simple mask is used to block the original sky of the field, so let me disable this and show you, so this is the original poppy field image where I have this sky which has got a very high contrast and lot of blacks in it. So if I have this sky in the artwork then whatever I am going to put in over here which I intend to put the image of the violinist here, that will get distracted with the vivid background. Therefore I have used a mask on it and I have lighter version of the clouds in the layer beneath. Now let’s have a look at the violinist image. And let me show you the original violinist image. So what I have done here is, made a few changes in the face of this girl. If you look at the PSD file I have a duplicate face which is a smiley face, let me show you how to do that, I have also closed the eyes of this girl because it’s looking in some other direction. So do that what I preferred is take a duplicate of the face, you can select it precisely to the contour of the face or you can select this way as well. Let’s give a feather of around 5Px, and say CNTRL+J and that gives you the duplicate of this, so that we can keep the original image intact. And now let’s go to filter and liquify, reduce the brush size and let’s make the face smiling, say ok. .. original stock images used in this photoshop tutorial

Main Photoshop Features used in this Video Tutorial

1) Layer Blending Mode
2) Layer Mask
3) Use of Texture
4) Clipping Mask
5) Adjustment Layer
6) Advance Brush

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